Nineteen Eighty-Four: Not A Bore


George Orwell’s 1984 depicts a futuristic world imagined from the perspective of a man living in the 1950s. Treasured for decades, this classic has earned a place as one of the best novels. Through a skillful interweaving of a gripping plot and powerful insights 1984 can become one of those precious few novels that you won’t forget.

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The Lost Hero

Modern Teens Meet Greek Mythology and a Hidden Past

New York times #1 best selling author Rick Riordon is known for fun packed action adventure in a fantasy world where mortals meet Greek mythology, and he has yet to disappoint. The Lost Hero tells the story of hero and wonderstruck Percy Jackson suddenly disappearing and three new and confused hero’s returning in his place. Through the time of allies, trust, love, and friendship, do these three new hero’s have what it takes to solve a prophecy, save those that are loved, and find Percy. This book is a fast turning page that never lets you catch your breath. If you liked Alex Rider or Harry Potter then this is a must read for you!

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Along for the Ride

A Summer to Remember

Sarah Dessen’s novel, Along for the Ride, is one of her most successful novels yet. Follow Auden, an eighteen year-old girl who lives with her dad for the summer, as she experiences a summer full of friends, boys, beaches, and new experiences. With a summer like this, the possibilities are endless.

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A Hole in My Life

A Hole in my Life that is Filled by Writing

Hole in my Life is an interesting, adventurous, meaningful autobiographical novel about a man who gets caught selling thousands of pounds of marijuana and gets sent to jail. The book is like a mole. It takes the reader through the ups and downs of the author’s emotions just as a mole comes up to the surface of the earth, and then down under again. Once you pick up this book you’ll be hooked from line one, and won’t put it down until the final word.
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Foundation and Empire

Foundation and Empire Continues from Foundation Brilliance.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Empire follows the Foundation, founded by Hari Seldon, a brilliant Psychologist who predicted the downfall of the Empire, while they battle the final remnants of the old empire, and Jacob Siegelman liked it.


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Slaughterhouse Five

Not So Great Anymore

Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five tells the story of Billy Pilgrim, a young American forced into World War II in spite of his innocence and naivety.  Vonnegut takes readers on a voyage through the horrors endured by Billy as he experiences the stark reality of war.

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A Storm of Swords

Storm of Swords:  A New Standard in Fantasy

Martin has done the seemingly impossible; he has written possibly the greatest fantasy series of all time. The land of Westeros is torn and many factions fight for a throne. As humanity struggles a dark and mysterious power grows in the north, and the one true threat to mankind has risen again. As the War of the Five Kings rages on, it is unclear who will survive this dangerous game of thrones.

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